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Obtaining Green Card Marriages

While many people see green cards through marriage to be easiest way to gain permanent residence in the U.S., it is much more complicated than it sounds. The government has taken many steps to protect the country from false or fake marriages intended only to give a spouse residence in the country. They carefully review every case to ensure that it is legitimate and genuine.

To begin the process, the U.S. citizen will submit a Form I-130 visa petition on behalf of their foreign spouse who is seeking the green card. If you want to obtain a green card through marriage, your marriage must be proven to be bona fide or authentic.

The following factors can help prove your marriage is genuine:

  • You held a wedding reception with family in attendance (such as parents, siblings, etc.)
  • You have joint property together
  • You have joint credit cards
  • You file joint income tax returns
  • You have a child together

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