For a noncitizen to visit, live, and work in the United States, they must first apply for and receive a visa. A visa allows a person to live within the United States for other reasons as well, including for travel or education. An experienced immigration attorney could help with the visa application process.

Failing to address any challenges related to a visa could have long-term consequences for the applicant. To avoid losing out on a work opportunity or facing the possibility of deportation, it is vital to seek out the assistance of a Boston visa lawyer.

Selecting the Appropriate Visa

There are a variety of types of visas available under federal law. They serve numerous purposes, as most visas are based on your reason for entering the United States.

Travel Visas

Some foreign residents seek a visa merely to visit the country. A travel visa could be used for vacationers, or it could represent the best option to visit family in the United States. These visas are not permanent and do not allow the applicant to work while they are in the country.

Student Visas

Other visas are for educational purposes. Student visas allow foreign students to travel to the United States to attend a college or graduate program. Unfortunately, there are limited options for working when it comes to these visas, but noncitizens at local Boston colleges may be able to receive Optional Professional Training (OPT)

Work Visas

There are also employment-based visas. A work visa typically requires a person to be sponsored by a prospective employer in order to qualify. Some work visas are temporary, while others could allow for a person to remain in the United States on an ongoing basis.

Knowing which visa to apply for can be tricky. There are numerous options available, and applying for the wrong type of visa could result in significant, costly delays. The good news is that there is no need to undertake this process alone. A Boston visa attorney could assist with determining the appropriate type of visa and guide you through the process.

Challenges That Could Arise During the Application Process

Not every visa application will go smoothly. One of the most common issues in the visa application process is unreasonable delays. While some delays are inevitable, there are times when the government simply fails to make a decision in a reasonable amount of time.

There are steps an attorney could take to help resolve delays in this process. A lawyer could work with the government to provide additional documentation or take legal action to resolve delays if needed.

Above all else, an attorney could answer any questions a person has bout the visa application process. Having a skilled Boston visa attorney by your side can make all the difference in ensuring the process goes smoothly and all details are ironed out.

Reach Out to a Boston Visa Attorney As Soon As Possible

If you or a member of your family intend to apply for a visa, selecting the appropriate legal counsel is a crucial part of the process. Your attorney could help you address any challenges you face from beginning to end of the visa application process.

Let a Boston visa lawyer provide the guidance you need during this time. At Gorton Law, we are here to help. Let us our expertise to work for you–call right away to get started.