When a non-U.S. citizen is suspected of committing a crime or is detained for immigration reasons, a bond is required to secure a release from custody. Immigration bonds are only available to people who meet certain qualifications, and in many cases, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will have the authority to decide whether a detainee can be released on his or her own recognizance, without paying for a bond. ICE or a judge in Immigration Court may set a bond amount or allow for a release on personal recognizance during a hearing.

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Types of Immigration Bonds

A person who is being held in ICE custody may be eligible for one of two types of immigration bonds:

  • delivery bond, which allows a detainee to be released from custody with a bond that acts as insurance that the detainee will return for all immigration hearings.
  • voluntary departure bond, which allows the detainee to voluntarily leave the U.S. These bonds are fully refundable when the detainee leaves the country but are forfeited if the detainee remains in the U.S.

Experienced Counsel at Your Bond Hearing

At your immigration bond hearing, you will need to prove that you are not a flight risk and that you do not pose a risk to national security or public safety. You may need to submit character evidence and proof of your ties to the community. An attorney who has experience with immigration bond hearings can not only help you gather the necessary evidence and present your case in a clear and convincing manner but can help you identify your goals in being released from custody and resolving whatever legal matter landed you in this situation.

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