International managers, executives, and specialized employees may be able to live and work in the United States under L-1A or L-1B visas. If you are an employer or employee looking for guidance related to the L-1 visa application and approval process, you can find experienced counsel at Gorton Law LLC. We are results-focused and understand the intricacies of ever-changing immigration laws and procedures in the U.S. Our business immigration lawyers apply our knowledge and skill to help our clients achieve their immigration goals.

L-1A & L-1B Visa Eligibility for Employees

The L-1 visa is broken into two sub-categories. The first is the L-1A Intracompany Transferee Executive or Manager visa, and the second is the L-1B Intracompany Transferee Specialized Knowledge visa.

To be eligible for an L-1A visa as an employee:

  • You must have been working for a qualifying organization outside of the U.S. for at least one year within the past three years; and
  • You must be seeking admission to serve in an executive or managerial capacity, or utilizing specialized knowledge, for that employer or one of its qualifying organizations.

Employer Requirements for L-1 Visas

Employers must petition on behalf of employees for L-1 visas, and this is done by filing Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, along with the applicable fee. Employers must also meet specific qualifications to petition on behalf of employees under the L-1 visa category.

To meet L-1 visa eligibility requirements, an employer must:

  • Have a qualifying relationship with a foreign company (qualifying organization); and
  • Be doing business as an employer in the U.S. and at least one other country, directly or through a qualifying organization. This must last as long as the employee is staying in the U.S. with an L-1 visa.

How Long Does an L-1 Visa Last?

L-1 visa holders may stay in the United States for 3 years, or 1 year if establishing a new office. Requests for extensions may be granted in increments of up to an additional 2 years, to a maximum of 7 years.

Can My Family Come to the U.S.?

Your spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 21 may apply for admission to the U.S. under the L-2 nonimmigrant classification. Your spouse may also apply for work authorization, and if approved, there is no restriction as to where he or she may work.

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