“Trump Effect” inspires many citizenship applications | Malden Immigration Lawyer

By Jamie Gorton

It isn’t just immigration lawyers who have noticed the increase in people applying for citizenship. Many people have come to Jamie Gorton’s office and said that they are most excited to become a citizen in order to vote. That’s why the Malden immigration lawyer at Gorton Law LLC has announced a special reduction in fees, exclusively for readers of this blog. Read on below for Jamie’s exciting announcement . . .

But it’s not just Jamie or immigration lawyers noticing. Here are the recent news reports about the “Trump Effect” and different reported increases in citizenship applications in Massachusetts:

  • The Boston Globe reports that applications are up 30%, and quotes our friend Attorney Serrato who says, “It’s been an overwhelming surge.”1
  • The South Coast Today reports applications up 50% in Fall River, Massachusetts.2
  • CCTV America reports that there are 8.8 million green card holders eligible for citizenship, but who have not yet applied . . .3

It’s no surprise that people are excited to become U.S. Citizens. There are many benefits, not in the least is the ability to vote in the upcoming Presidential election and the chance for their voice to be heard for the first time. That’s why the immigration attorney in Malden at Gorton Law LLC keeps an information page about the benefits of naturalization.

And, in order to meet demand, Attorney Jamie Gorton has authorized a reduction in his legal fees, to help as many people as possible apply for citizenship as soon as possible . . . but only for readers of this blog.

Mention the phrase TRUMP EFFECT and Attorney Gorton will reduce his fees for citizenship by 25%.

That’s a savings of hundreds of dollars . . .

And over seven hundred dollars ($700) less than large immigration law firms in downtown Boston . . .4

But only for a limited timeContact us today to start the citizenship process, and mention the phrase TRUMP EFFECT to start the final stage of your immigration journey!

Update: The last day of the “Trump Effect” discount is December 30, 2016. Thank you for everyone who participated and Happy New Year!

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1. The Boston Globe, Citizenship applications surge in Mass. June 3, 2016.2. South Coast Today, Worries of ‘Trump effect’ spur New Bedford immigrants to apply for citizenship in ‘record’ numbers. June 9, 20163. CCTV America, “Trump Effect” triggers high numbers of US citizenship filings. May 24, 20164. Compare to the prices listed here.


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