Top 3 Things to Know about TPS for Nepal

By Jamie Gorton

Top 3 Things to Know about TPS for Nepal

On June 24, 2015 the Department of Homeland Security started accepting applications for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for people from Nepal. The program started because of the horrific earthquake in April 2015 that killed almost nine thousand people.

Here are the Top 3 Things to know about TPS for Nepal:

  1. Nepali nationals can get work authorization, their driver’s license, Social Security number, and even in-state tuition at Massachusetts universities. These important benefits are now available to Nepali nationals who were in the United States since June 24, 2015.
  2. Apply now! Applicants must file their paperwork before Decemeber 21, 2015 or else they will be locked out from the program. It is much better to apply sooner, before processing times get out of control. Don’t wait until it’s too late: call an adept immigration lawyer before you forget!
  3. TPS can help some people with US Citizen relatives to get their green card. This is the most important change. Through the power of advance parole, a person with a US Citizen relative can use TPS to get advance parole, which can help in the green card process.

This benefit is too important to trust to chance. Call an adept immigration attorney who can help you prepare and file the application for TPS. Attorney Jamie Gorton is the principal attorney at Gorton Law LLC in Malden, Massachusetts and a member of the American Immigraiton Lawyer’s Association. Let us review your case and see if we can help.

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