Five Uncommon Proofs of a Good Faith Marriage

By Jamie Gorton

When applying for a marriage-based green card, and the accompanying process called “adjustment of status,”┬áconsider these five less common, but persuasive, types of evidence of a good faith marriage to be shown when applying for a marriage-based green card.


  1. Driver’s LicensesAlthough not everyone keeps their addresses up to date on their driver’s license, turning in two licenses where both spouses have the same address is persuasive. Unfortunately, because of restrictions on immigrants getting drivers’ licenses, this type of proof is uncommon.
  2. Life Insurance ContractsIt is increasingly common, if not required, to turn in proof of medical insurance. But life insurance policies where the other spouse is the beneficiary can be persuasive, regardless of if the policy is owned by a company or an individual.
  3. Business Ties or Proof of Business OwnershipHard-working and entrepreneurial immigrants often start and manage businesses in the United States. If a spouse is involved in the family business, either as an employee or as a back-office administrator or other roles, can show that the family’s financial and professional lives are connected. In one memorable case, my office represented a couple who were co-owners of a real estate investment trust.
  4. Estate plansEvery married couple should seriously consider having an estate plan with wills, powers of attorney, and health care proxies. These are very powerful legal documents that have strong legal effects, so presenting these plans can be a less common, but persuasive, type of evidence proving that the marriage was entered into in good faith.
  5. Proof of joint hobbiesMany couples get great enjoyment from sharing the same hobbies. In one memorable case, our office presented a published photo book that the couple photographed, edited, and published together. Traveling together, going to events or conventions, and sharing in each other’s hobbies is not a common proof of a good faith marriage, but can document the ways a couple share their lives together.


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